PP Modular Flooring

Modular multipurpose Sports Floors are manufactured by Msa Spor ve Kent Ekipmanlari in Turkiye. The modular sports floor are single and double layer PP plastics wich are for outdoor use and suitable for all sports as basketball, foodball,handball, voleyball, multupurpose courts, free cage play systems etc. The modular PP multipurpose floor has finish ramps

Sports Advantages

  • Suitable for all sports, including free cage play systems.
  • Matte finish with no gloss, eliminates light reflections;
  • High levels of adhesion, thanks to the microtexture specially delevoped in the tile surface.
  • The only sports floor that provides vertical and lateral shock absorption.
  • Antibacterial sports floor not susceptible to bacteria and fungi-higienic and easy to clean.

Functional Advantages

  • No maintenance costs
  • 10 years of warranty provided directly by MSA Sports and Playgrounds.
  • Wide range of colors available to customize your sports floor.
  • Easy and quick repair. With this solution it will not be necessary to perform long and expensive repairs.
  • Easy and quick assembly/disassembly without the use of glues in the base.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Applicable on any rigid and at surface.
  • Possible to install over other existing foors.
  • Quick water drainage thanks to Modular Sports Floors tile surface.
  • Modular Sports Floors tile surface was developed with small holes to prevent kids fingersand small rocks to get stuck on them.