About Us

We are established in 2008 in Skopje, N.Macedonia, as a sports field and children’s playgrounds projecting and installing company.

We aimed to become an international company so we started our production line of indoor and outdoor children’s playgrounds in Skopje in 2011. Besides providing high-quality products, our professional team also projects, installs, and provides a complete solution for park recreative centers and sports field constructions. Soon we will become the leader of the sector in our country with products which are well received by domestic and foreign customers.

Our products are widely used in public areas, family entertainment centers, adventure and sports play centers, shopping malls, hotels, residential areas, kindergartens, playgrounds, and restaurants.

In awareness of the fast-growing digital world, which has revealed an asocial generation, we aim to design and produce more innovative systems that would keep children more active and entertained. In this scope, we invented our unique “Free Cage“ play system, which promotes more active and healthy generations. In 2018 we applied for our first patent.

Our first innovative play system called “Free Cage” consists of movable educational games that make it possible to move the playgrounds through your imaginations in outdoor public places.

The “Free Cage “play system gives children and adults; the freedom to play, and learn by moving objects freely within the outdoor playground. This unique play system improves children’s physical and mental health and stimulates them cognitively.

February 2020
August 2022
August 2023
We enlarged Free Cage to the sports sector and we produced the first Free Sports Fence.​
We invented our unique Pencil Fence.​
We established our first company abroad in Istanbul, Turkiye, and we started the production of PP Modular Sport Floorings.​
Step by step and stable We go through our aims and dreams…​